Friday, 2 June 2017

Here's the Smith Corona 'Super'...'s blending in with my desk rather well, and the lighting is terrible, so you might not be able to spot it.

The typewriter is matt finish with green 'go faster stripes' towards the platten, in what I would consider a nod to the Art Deco era (though I might very well be wrong).

As you can see, tabs may be set and cleared from the keyboard. The keyboard itself is unusual in that it doesn't have a '1' key, but does have a '0' - most of the others in my collection either have both or, more commonly, neither.

The desk it is sat on is a gun-metal grey one, with a black lino top.  The Lino gives it a firm, non-slip slightly cushioned surface.  It is excellent for typing upon.  It is beyond excellent for writing upon with a fountain pen!

I've been using the typewriter over the last few days, ever since I bought it from Richard W, for various pieces of paperwork.  For instance, it is ideal for using with my diary - which is of the Filofax type, so pages can easily be removed, the information or appointment typed up, and then the page returned.  Everything looks neat and tidy.  

My diary, it has to be said, does not reflect the rest of my house.

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