Monday, 29 October 2012

My new companion is a Good Companion...

...and a lovely one too - with some little issues, but not too many.  It is a number 7, and only cost me £3.

You can read the story on the right.  But I warn you, if the ribbon problems annoy you half as much reading it as it did when I was typing it, you might end up wishing you hadn't started it.

I do especially like the unusual keys - my Royal Diana does have the dead key for the accent, but none of the others in my collection have them.

Whilst tinkering with it, sadly, the chutney burnt slightly on the stove.  I've still bottled it, and will tell people that it is supposed to taste like that... small price to play for getting the ribbon to work properly.

I'll upload a photo of it later, when my camera is to hand.

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