Friday, 26 October 2012

Typewriters in the classroom...

Another exciting first - my first scanned image!  It is of an A5 piece of writing paper - but the scanner seems to have cropped the edges nicely, so that you can't tell at first glance that it is real paper.

I'll keep you up-to-date with how my typewriters in the classroom experiment goes!

(PS - I realise how sexist it sounds talking abouot interesting the boys in the mechanics - that flows out of my conversation with the Headteacher... she was telling me about a recent music lesson where the inner workings of the piano enthused a group of boys.  They went from not being interested to wanting to try it for themselves, just because they could see how it all worked). 


  1. Great post - very legible.
    my advice: Find some material on typing instruction rather than keyboarding. The two really are different in terms of posture and position. I have no trouble finding old typing class books and for that matter if you ask, I'm sure the typosphere will send you one.

  2. Thanks for your advice - I have some books somewhere which I will look out. When I was at college learning computing in the 1980s we were all taught how to type - but the college called it 'keyboarding' to make it sound modern and sexy for the computer students. We did the same lessons as the secretarial students, and, like them, we learnt on Olympia manuals with the keys blanked out!

  3. Great project! And like notagain said, it's a different kind of typing on a typewriter. One main thing I noticed with my daughter's class was that they had gotten so used to computer keyboards that they were reluctant to apply the necessary force required to make an imprint on the page.
    Best of luck with it!