Thursday, 27 September 2012


Well, it seems that it has been ages since I last blogged - it is all the fault of being to too busy at work and also having 'an upset stomach' (let the reader understand).

I can't wait for the new scanner...
Our new Network Scanner has not arrived yet, so I am still photographing my typecast.  I must chase up the company - they are delivering and installing our new copier/printer/scanner and taking away the old ones (the new one does the job of two).

I typed my typecast on my Royal Diana.  It has sat sadly neglected until I bought it recently, and it needs some tender loving care:  it will soon be right-as-rain.

You can see it in the photo below on one of my desks.  It looks perfect there, but I would prefer a desktop machine, so after I have nurtured it a bit it will be moved round to a better home.

As usual, please ignore the stuff in the background of the photo!


  1. But it looks so at home where it is!

    1. It does indeed look at home - but the desk is actually that little bit too high to type at comfortably. Still, when has comfort been the prime concern?


  2. That's a good looking machine. I have its wide-carriage sibling, the Administrator, and like it quite a bit.

  3. Outwardly it is beautiful - but as you can see from the example of the typecast, it is a little bit too stiff at the moment. A proper clean and work-out should sort it. I've never come across the Administrator - I will have to keep a look-out for it.


  4. I have not seen many Royals that look like yours. A great find!

  5. Ignore the stuff in the background you say! Ignore! A beautiful Mac and you want it ignored – hang your head in shame!