Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Joys of owning a Shed

I have a shed - and it doesn't contain any gardening tools (they live in the garage).

If anything, it is a bit too 'woody'.  When time - and money - permit, I intend to insulate it and clad the inside with something that can be painted.  I'm thinking white, or off-white.

It is a little escape.  What you can't see on the photo is the other piece of furniture in there - a three-seater sofa.  Very comfy.  Ideal for a cup of tea made on the camping stove.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Richard

      It is a favourite place of mine, but with winter on the way it will start to get a little too cold to be out there. Still, today was a sunny day - I hope the Autumn has many good shed-days left!


  2. This is amazing! Lovely writing space indeed.

  3. Woody is right! Is the couch, also, made of wood? Haha. Really, though, that looks like such a great spot to sit down and unwind.

  4. The wood lends itself to a very restful atmosphere. May you enjoy many pleasurable hours of writing there!