Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The perfect accessory for the Typospherian who has everything.

I hope the above is readable - one day soon I will sort my scanner out, and then I can just scan the typing rather than photographing it.

Anyway... here is the case...

As you can see it is the perfect size to carry around - much smaller than a full-sized brief case.

None of the photos show it, but there is a handle on the top.

Such a kind gift!


  1. Very nice case. Perfect size, too, for typewriter-related paper and such.
    Regarding your photos, I was having similar trouble at one stage. I posted about it here;

    ...because I found that my photos were not loading up the way they used to on Blogger. A few other bloggers made some suggestions and I changed some settings and was able to load up full-sized photos of typewritten pages. Might be of help to you until your scanner situation is sorted out.

    Great Remington, too. I have a circa 1955 Quiet-Riter. Weighs a tonne, but it's very nice to write with.

  2. Very nice briefcase and I love the Remington. I am a big fan of the Quiet-Riter and immediate family (Travel-Riter, etc.)

  3. Lovely little mobile office!

    I can read the typing when I click on the photo, otherwise no.

  4. Thank you for all your comments and advice - we are getting a new network scanner in the office shortly, so my ability to scan my typed blogs will become possible (my personal scanner seems to be to old to get the drivers for).


  5. The Remington in the picture is EXACTLY like the machine I first typed on as a 10-year-old; it was my mother's and I proceeded to type many a letter and story on it. Thank you for this agreeable rush of nostalgia!