Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Very Small, Far Away

Can you just make out a typewriter on the desk in the photo?  It's not a good photo - and, again, not cropped - but I hope that you can see it.

It is less than an inch across... it is on a desk in a small glass-fronted box that I put together for my mother.  Since she died it has hung on my living room wall.

I thought it was wonderful to come across such a small machine that actually looks as though it is based on a real-life prototype.

The kit (for such it was) was made out of white-metal, and I painted it and glued it together myself - and got a great deal of fun out of it all.  The 'tobacco' in the ash tray is really tea leaves.

That's all for today.

Pip pip.

PS - this typewriter and office combo don't count towards the ones I mentioned yesterday!

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  1. That is impressive as hell, something as detailed and as small as that. Awesome