Friday, 28 September 2012

Electric Dreams...

... living in electric dreams!

My new SCM Smith-Corona Coronet has arrived - all shiny and lovely.

The card gripped in the machine tells of the woes that go with it (but for a short time only I hope), and, as you will see, another machine had to supply the typecast.

Still, if I get too desperate I can always take it into the bathroom and use the shaver socket - it has a switch to enable it to use 110v.

As long as I wasn't sat IN the bath using it I would be fine!

Imagine explaining that to the ambulance crews...


  1. You could probably do this with a switchable inverter and a cheap power supply.

    Check the wattage on the unit before you buy yourself a step-down transformer. You might be able to get yourself something cheap online.

    I would also think about re-wiring this unit anyway. The transformer inside would be old and grotty, and quite possibly not working - or even close to death. All it does is produce a direct current for use in the machine at a set voltage and amps. You could get a unit that does this, and possibly set about setting it into a machine.

    Or, more importantly... Get an electrician to do it.

  2. I'm sure you will soon find a way to adapt the machine.

    My father used a typewriter much like this one, although it also had an electric carriage return. They're great writing machines.

  3. I enjoy my various Smith-Corona electrics for a nice change of pace from the manual typewriters, but I always depend more on the latter machines to "deliver the goods".

    There's just something about ELECTRICITY that is a bit wild and unpredictable, like a powerful force that can spin out of control at any time. The insistent buzzing of electric typewriters can be a bit unsettling, or in the best of times, stimulating.

    Once you get the voltage aspect sorted, have a great time with your Coronet electric!